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We are a small and flexible design agency in West Cork in the south of Ireland. We don’t like over complication, either in the work we make or the way we work.

We work on projects big and small. Whether you are looking to develop a website, need help with your branding or would like to bring some animation to your ideas. Keep reading to find out a bit more or head straight over and browse our work.

Our clients are just as diverse as their projects and that’s exactly the way we like it.

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graphic design and illustration

We create visual solutions for printed materials and on screen media in any shape or form, small or big. You ask us and we deliver.

Our work ranges from coming up with ideas say for your branding or website to delivering the final product neatly wrapped and ready to go.

Mock up image of Modern Botany's oil bottle for marketing purpose.


motion graphics and animation

We create high quality motion graphics and animation for all kind of sectors, from individuals and small businesses to corporate and tv broadcasters and for any kind of platform.

Working across a full range of motion graphics from logo animations to opening sequences or broadcast ready graphics, fully digital or mixed with hand drawn graphics we create engaging content for online use, tv or big screen.

We like to make the impossible possible and make you a happy camper.


web and app development

We have been involved in websites and interactive digital experiences since the early days of the world wide web. We have seen technologies and trends come and go and survived them all.

We care as much about how your website or application is built as how it’s designed, be it a small website or bigger project, a simple linear interaction or a more complex kiosk type touch screen application.

We design and build small and simple or large and complex projects (or any permutation in between) and we build them specifically for people to use on any device, anywhere.

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what happened in the not too distant past
Poster of the 12 Great Irish Lighthouses of Ireland

etsy shop online!

Bert, our designer of things, has just launched his Etsy shop! Focussing on downloadable and printable art and illustration the first items are up for sale.

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then get in touch

We’d like to hear from you! 

Whether you are based in West Cork or anywhere else in the Universe (we are very well used to working remotely with clients), we would love to work with you. If you would like to sound us out and decide if we are a good fit then get in touch. Send us an email or better still give us a call, nothing beats a good ol’ chat. 

Looking forward to it already.

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