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Whatever the event, big or small from a wedding to a product launch or exhibition, you want people to know about it, so do we. We will get your message out there loud and clear, from invites to posters, flyers to brochures or anything in between that will support your event and business, we can work with you and come up with something that will get you noticed.

BarryroeNS Calendar 2013-14

Here we revamped the yearly calendar for Barryroe NS, from being a classic template driven one to a more dynamic and fun calendar you'd like to have on the wall. We even took care of taking the class photographs trying to bring a bit more life to them than the usual "tallest at the back" picture.

Clonakilty Community Arts Centre - Jean Marcel Coulombeau - Stars Anonymes photoshoot

Poster design for a Community Project in Clonakilty which sets out to capture people who live and work in Clonakilty in May 2014.

Barryroe NS Christmas Carol Service 2013