Having been trained way back in the dark ages of traditional media and graphic design [when the only screen in the house was a tv], we are still able to hold - and produce something with - a pencil. Over the years we have adapted to embrace the modern age, and can offer fully digitally created imagery or combination of both - in 2 & 3D, animated or not, for use in both on- and offline media
We tackle anything you throw at us be it character development, game characters, storyboarding or product and editorial illustration.

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character design

Character Design

Creating original and memorable characters for use across a variety of media, animation, cards, corporate ID, you name it is something we love doing here!

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Corporate illustration

Is part of your business hard to explain in words? It's true that an image says a lot more than words. Tell us all about it and we'll draw it crystal clear.

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guust flater car

3D illustration & modelling

We can provide a whole range of 3D modelling and animation services, from high detailed models to fully animated sequences and videos.

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